Oregon bike lane gets Mario Kart treatment

Pranksters graffiti a bike lane in Portland to look like a Mario Kart track--and it's awesome.

You'd want to miss this one. Matt Hickey/KATU

Let me start by saying that we at Crave in no way condone the vandalism of public property. Let me then go on to say that this particular vandalism is awesome.

Some badass prankster used stencils to decorate a bike lane on N. Williams Ave. in Portland, Ore., with icons from Nintendo's Super Mario Kart. Represented are the speed stripes, Starman power-up, and dreaded banana peel.

The only way these could be cooler would be if they actually conveyed the power-ups like in the game.

As far as we can tell they serve no real purpose other to be cool, nerdy public art. And we can see nothing wrong with that.

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