OQO's Model 02 is hot and cool

This thing is tiny and awesome. We totally want one.

I got a chance to play around with OQO's new baby, the Model 02, at last night's SF Tech Sessions meet-up, and boy, is this gadget hot. Well, sort of. It was surprisingly not that hot considering it was smaller than a paperback book and running Windows Vista.

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The Model 02 was announced a couple of weeks ago at CES , and the upgrades from the Model 01 are noticeable, especially the scroll sensor on the bottom right of the display, which makes browsing large Web pages like Crave a breeze. Its 800x480-pixel screen can handle a fair amount of apps and Web browsing without making you squint, but if you want to get closer, there are built-in zoom buttons on the backlit keyboard.

At $1,499, the Model 02 is aimed at business professionals who need a PC on the go, but with some pretty beefy specs capable of much more than just spreadsheets, it works well for nonwork too.

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