Oppo releases cheaper BDP-80 Blu-ray player

Oppo has released a more affordable Blu-ray player, the BDP-80, offering most of the features that made the BDP-83 a hit at a significantly lower price point.

We've been longtime fans of Oppo's disc players, but as much as we liked the company's BDP-83 Blu-ray player , its $500 price puts it out of reach for most buyers. With that in mind, Oppo has released the BDP-80, a lower priced Blu-ray player that looks to keep much of what we liked about the BDP-83 for only $290. It's available today.

The easiest way to see the differences between the new BDP-80 and the BDP-83 is to check out Oppo's comparison chart, but the short story is that it keeps most of the BDP-83's features, but has a step-down video processor, can't output DVD at 24 frames-per-second, and it lacks some customer-installation-friendly options like an RS-232 port and IR inputs and outputs. It's also worth pointing out that the BDP-80 doesn't make any mention of streaming media services, which are widely available on competing players.

The BDP-80's back panel.
The BDP-80's back panel. Oppo

Of course, we'll have to get the BDP-80 in for testing to see how well it performs, but our experience with Oppo's step-down DVD players has been uniformly positive . Our initial impression is that this should be a solid option for home theater fans who put a premium on performance, but can't afford the BDP-83.

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