Opera adds security layer

New features designed to alert users if the site they are visiting is legitimate or a phishing site.

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.

Opera Software on Monday added another security layer to its browser that is designed to alert users in real time if the site they are visiting is legitimate or a phishing site.

In a move to extend the security features of its Opera 8 browser, the free Opera 9.1 update includes technology from digital certificate provider GeoTrust and phishing information clearinghouse PhishTank.

Opera is teaming with PhishTank because the application program interface it offers allows users to submit, verify, track and share phishing data. Antiphishing domain name system service provider OpenDNS and community members operate PhishTank.

"The open access of PhishTank, and the use of PhishTank data in Opera, is intended to encourage the sharing of information and increase the chance of eliminating phishing all together," Opera said in a statement.


Correction: This report mischaracterized Opera Software's technology. Opera's browsers are proprietary.
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