Open sourcing your morning run with makes running social through an array of tools.

Running used to be a solitary sport. MapMyRun changes this.

MapMyRun is a Web service that enables users to track their miles run by mapping out their route. It then allows you to calculate calories burned, among other things. I'm in London this week and have been planning all my runs using the service, figuring out in advance my six, 10, and 13-mile runs.

MapMyRun helps make running social Matt Asay

That, however, is not the most interesting use of MapMyRun. Despite its name (MapMyRun), the service becomes more useful as you share your runs with others, and share in others'. It makes it easy to make running social, rather than an individual affair.

The service enables you to find other runners in your area, either to become friends online or to run together offline. It's a great way to get motivation to run through others; to make running more than a way to simply burn calories.

If you're a runner, check out the service and let me know how you like it.

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