Online, everyone has a view on Vista

Reaction to Microsoft's delayed OS launch ranges from warnings of dismal holiday sales to accolades for the software giant.

Tuesday's announcement that Microsoft is delaying the launch of its much-anticipated Windows Vista has spawned some crowded virtual water coolers.

Around the Web, there are some warnings that the new January 2007 release date will put holiday PC sales in serious jeopardy. Other people say retailers are better off getting through the holiday mania and other planned Christmas-time product launches, so they'll have more time to help customers with the new operating system.

Some are critical of Microsoft, saying the move is disappointing consumers, partners and stockholders. Still others commend the software giant for taking the extra time to launch a solid product right out of the box. And that all just scratches the Net surface. Poll

With Vista unavailable for the holidays, do you expect to buy a PC in 2006 or wait until 2007?

I'll buy when I need one, regardless of Vista's availability.
If PC makers offer a free upgrade for Vista during the holidays, I will buy this year.
I don't want to deal with an upgrade, so I'm waiting until 2007.

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From the everyday PC user to the specialized financial analyst, here's a glimpse at Internet reaction to news of the Vista postponement:

"I was upset at missing the back-to-school market. Now we're missing the holiday sales market. All of those laptops and PCs are going to have XP on it. What percentage will upgrade to Vista? Well, I guess that's the little dream that I need to give up on...With the convergence of high-tech media, this holiday season would have been an explosive nodal point to get Vista out for a compounded effect...People need to be fired and moved out of Microsoft today. Where's the freakin' accountability?"

"Since I generally buy a new PC every year or so, and 2006 is the year, the chance that I would upgrade my other PCs (desk and lap) to Vista pretty much is a dead issue. I generally take advantage of the holiday pricing unless something really special comes along. XP it will be for a while to come."
--Crazy D's Spot

"I've learned that dates in the software industry are likely to slip and I'm glad that our management is still paying more attention to product quality and customer and partner feedback than trying to meet some date. Yes, it's painful. Yes, it's embarrassing. But we have been through product slips before (before I was a Microsoft employee I was a beta tester on Windows 2000 which slipped years after the first test CDs arrived) and I'd rather have a slipped date than a cruddy product."

"Novell and Apple are the only commercial market competitors for Windows. They have reason to sprint into the market to attempt to capitalize on this delay by gaining market share. Microsoft however can take its time to make sure the product is amazing because anything less than breathtaking at this point will hurt Microsoft more in the long term than any few sales that will be lost because people couldn't have Windows Vista for Christmas."
--Jerome on Technology

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