Omnidrive integrates, simplifies Zoho docs

Omnidrive has teamed up with Zoho to let you save all your Zoho docs in one place.


We covered Omnidrive back in November, and at the time the service had promise but no real partnership with Web apps that would bring it all together. Today, Omnidrive was updated to integrate several of Zoho's online applications. First up is support for Zoho Writer, the browser-based word processor. Next week will see added support for Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show, effectively allowing users to manage Zoho office documents without having to leave the Omnidrive interface.

Omnidrive solves a variety of problems that can occur when working with Web-based applications, primarily by offering a centralized storage system and dealing with multiple windows. This new integration should take the guesswork out of mixing regular application files and Zoho documents in one place.

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