Olympus E-5 Four Thirds flagship camera gets 720p video

There's a new flagship for the Four Thirds format: the Olympus E-5 dSLR arrives packing 720p video.

There's a new sheriff in Four Thirds town. The Olympus E-5 is the successor to the E-3 -- niftily avoiding confusion with the Friends channel -- and is the new flagship of the Olympus dSLR camera range.

The E-5 is built on the Four Thirds lens format, a standard developed by Olympus and Panasonic. It comes in a rough, tough, dustproof and splashproof magnesium alloy body with a 12.3-megapixel Live MOS sensor and TruePic V+ engine inside. The sensor is infinitesimally adjusted by in-body image stabilisation, and kept sparkly clean by a supersonic wave-filter dust-busting system.

It packs a 3-inch LCD, which swivels and pivots around. We like swivelling screens that give you the opportunity to hold the camera at different angles. If you prefer pressing the E-5 to your face, there's a viewfinder with a level gauge and 100 per cent field of view.

Quick-draw options include a 1/8000 second high-speed shutter. There's a twin-cross 11-point autofocus system and burst mode that fires 5 frames per second. Other features include ten art filters for fancy effects.

Olympus joins the video party with 720p, 30fps high-definition video. There's a stereo microphone and jack to plug in an external mic. Video and stills are recorded to either SD or CompactFlash cards.

The Olympus E-5 will cost £1,500 from late October.

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