Old wood barrel reborn as iPhone stand

Technophile and wordworking hobbyist Alex Holston made an iPhone/iPod stand out of wood reclaimed from an old barrel found in a barn.

Wood iPhone stand
Alex Holston's wooden stand is shown here holding an office mate's iPhone--until Holston gets one of his own. Alex Holston

We always love to see what sort of DIY projects are keeping our gadget-loving readers busy. So we were happy to hear from Alex Holston, a Bethesda, Md., pediatrician and woodworking hobbyist who recently expanded the realm of his woodwork from bookcases, tables, and headboards to iPhone/iPod stands.

The holders came to be after Holston spotted a Crave blog about young Patrick Sheehan, who crafted an iPhone stand for his dad from about 40 Lego pieces.

"While I couldn't top an 8-year-old with Legos (that kid is the next owner of Apple)," Holston told us, "I could try to create a wood iPod stand that fits with what I love about the iPod--simplicity in form and function that catches the eye."

Holston liked the idea of using reclaimed wood. To make the stand that's pictured at right, he took wood (pine, Holston thinks) from a large barrel that had been sitting in his father-in-law's barn since the late '70s. He finished the stand with Minwax Tung Oil and uses it to hold his iPod--until the day, that is, when the iPhone hits Verizon and he snags one of those as well.

"I take a lot of inspiration in my projects for simple lines, angles and subtle curves," Holston said. "I think that's what attracted me to the iPod to begin with--we have four."

So, readers, what other creative gadget accessories have you been working on?

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