Old iPhones aren't unwanted... on eBay

This eBay infographic charts the frenzy to unload old iPhones following the iPhone 4S announcement.

The hype around the iPhone 4S might, you'd think, leave older models like the iPhone 4 and 3GS feeling a little scorned. Think again.

You could, for instance, check out a buyback program like eBay's Instant Sale, which has been offering some of the highest amounts around for unwanted iPhones.

In fact, eBay sent us this nifty infographic that breaks down the selling frenzy at Instant Sale in the days right after Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 4S to breathless fans.

A few key data points:

  • The site saw more than 375,000 trade-in offers for smartphones October 4 - 6. That's one smartphone trade-in offer per second, and 40 times the average for comparable 3-day periods in September.
  • 89 percent of offers were for iPhone devices and 11 percent were for non-iOS devices.

Check out all the pretty stats below...

eBay Instant Sale

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