Off-topic: Fulham 0 Arsenal 3 - Arsenal win in the air


Arsenal is more known for being vulnerable to aerial attack (on corners and other set pieces) than dangerous in the air, but today Arsenal showed the Americans (Fulham) that it has more than one trick up its sleeve. In the midst of a windy game that Fulham almost looked like it could turn to its advantage, Arsenal found the net three times, and twice in the air off a header, to keep pace with Manchester United.

After a woeful five to six weeks where Arsenal gave up a solid lead to fall just behind Manchester United (and allow Chelsea to regroup and keep pressure on from below), Arsenal finally found its groove again. Eduardo, though he didn't score, set up the third goal and continues to impress. He was an intelligent purchase by Wenger.


Even so, I worry about the team without Van Persie, who is out for a few more weeks. It's amazing we've come so far without him (and given my lack of enthusiasm for Adebayor, amazing that Adebayor has done so well this season), but I'd sure like to have him back.

In the meantime, it's Wenger's brilliance against Fergie's riches in the Premiership. Looks like intelligence can go a long way.

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