Off-topic: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 1 - Maybe next year, Spurs


This was not Arsenal's best win of the season. In fact, they arguably earned a draw, given Robbie Keane's missed penalty and the few chances created by the Gunners. But a win is a win. I'm not planning to give it up.

Fabregas and Hleb were quiet. Adebayor looked good and moved well but didn't get much service from the midfield. Probably the only really strong showing was from Arsenal's defense, with Clichy making the speedy Aaron Lennon look a bit daft. Clichy continues to impress and make it easy to forget that Cashley Cole ever played for the Arsenal.

Anyway, a win is a win and a great way to go into Christmas. To all Gunners fans, here's to a great season. To Spurs fans, sorry about the lumps of coal.

I'm glad to see Bendtner coming along so well. He seems to score in most matches in which he plays. His header was brilliant.

Bendtner proves his stuff
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