Off-topic: Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 1 - Arsenal stuttering to a halt?


Ugh. Arsenal appear to have hit a wall. While Manchester United are on a tear, routinely trouncing teams by four goals, Arsenal can barely find the net at all. Today Arsenal scored twice - once for Aston Villa (thanks, Senderos!) and once in the last minute of the match (I dislike you less than I did before, Bendtner), but it looked like a much lesser team than the hitherto dominant Arsenal.

Things can't continue like this. I'm starting to worry whether Arsenal will finish in the top two. The team lacks any appetite in front of goal, except for Walcott, who had a good game (again). Adebayor's haircut seems to have left him like Sampson post-Delilah. He can't get more than an inch off the ground to drive down his headers. Very frustrating.

At any rate, this team will not win the Premiership. We need something more. More bite in front of goal. More attack from the midfield. More confidence.

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