Odds and Ends: Parallels for Mac Pro on the way; Knowledge Base updates

Odds and Ends: Parallels for Mac Pro on the way; Knowledge Base updates

Parallels for Mac Pro on the way A posting to the official Parallels Virtualization blog indicates that a Mac Pro-optimized version of Parallels Desktop -- which allows running of Windows XP and other operating systems within Mac OS X -- is on the way.

The post reads:

"The new Mac Pros have a different CPU model, and work with a specifically optimized OS X kernel. It is not difficult to make Parallels compatible with either of these, but it does take a bit of time. We should have a compatible build very soon. [...] When I say very soon, I mean very soon. Like within the next few days."

Knowledge Base updates

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  • #304171 Xsan 1.4: High-availability NFS clusters interrupted by differing UUIDs on Xsan SAN member volumes
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  • Parallels Virtualization b...
  • #302279
  • #304171
  • #303547
  • #304227
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