Odds & Ends: Mac OS 8.5 info; MacDrive 98; and more

Odds & Ends: Mac OS 8.5 info; MacDrive 98; and more

Mac OS 8.5 documents online A trio of Acrobat PDF documents on Mac OS 8.5, including a FAQ list, can be found at the ARPLE Web site (Thanks, Danbo of the Mac Treasure Tracing Club.) [Note: The link may now be dead.]

Mac OS 8.5 and MouseWorks: a follow-up As is often the case, a problem reported by many users is not a universal problem. Last time, we reported on a conflict between the upcoming Mac OS 8.5 and Kensington MouseWorks software. It was especially evident when using MS Office 98 applications. While others have since confirmed this problem, several readers (including Matt Spring and Patrick Stadelmann) find that the software combination works fine for them.

Update: While I have no sure explanation as yet for why some users have the conflict and others do not, S. D. Kromholz reports that he had the problem when using a copy of MS Office that had been updated withvarious Microsoft patches (such as the "unwanted data" patch). When using a clean copy of Office, installed directly from the CD, MouseWorks worked fine. Another possibility is that the problem is specific to the latest version of MouseWorks (5.0.4) but not earlier versions (such as 5.0.2).

Graphics Innoculator updated for network access LAFFEY Computer Imaging has updated Graphics Innoculator to include the ability to innoculate machines over an AppleTalk network. This is ideal for system administrators or anyone who likes playing with networks.

MacDrive 98 HFS Plus beta testers wanted Media4 Productions is working on a new version of MacDrive 98 with HFS Plus support. They're searching for Windows users who also use HFS Plus on a Mac to beta test the new version of this Mac/PC file sharing utility. Contact Brian Landwehr for more information.

Internet storage AppleShare.com is "trying to gauge the Mac Community's interest in a central file storage/backup service that caters specifically to Mac users and is accessible anywhere the Internet is accessible. It would be a replacement for the file service optionally offered by most ISP's for $5 per month." If this interests you, let them know via a form on their Web page.

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