Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

a. TIL site beta up and running The previously promised revised interface for Apple's Tech Info Library is finally here - as a beta version for now. Check it out.

b. "Use Custom Icon" and System file icon problem The other day my System file icon showed up as a blank document icon. This is a fairly common problem and one that we have discussed here before (see Sad Macs Update Highlights). However, this latest instance turned out to be due to a cause I had not see before: the System file's "Use Custom Icon" Finder attribute had been somehow incorrectly checked (you can access these attribute settings via ResEdit, Snitch or numerous other utilities). When I unchecked the attribute, the normal suitcase icon returned.

c. "Save on Shut Down" RAM Disk option As noted here before: Assistant Toolbox, formerly a separate extension, is built into the system software of Mac OS 7.6.x. On PowerBooks - but not on desktop Macs as yet - it can save the contents of a RAM Disk on shut down. Newly noted: This PowerBook vs. desktop Mac difference is evident when you open up the Memory control panel. PowerBooks will include a check box option called "Save on Shut Down." Desktop Macs will not. (Thanks, Eric Taub.)



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