Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

a. VirtualPC Connectix's forthcoming PC emulator, VirtualPC, has the potential to be another runaway success. Check out Webintosh for a sneak peek. MacInTouch also has some advance word on it.

b. Serial port on 6500; problem with digital audio recording Speaking of MacInTouch, recent items there cover an issue with a "missing" serial port on Power Mac 6500s and a problem recording digital audio with Cubase software running on PowerCenter machines (confirmed by Power Computing).

c. TCP/IP connections on a 3400 O'Grady's PowerPage for May 27 reports that "resetting TCP/IP between PPP connections has become a necessity for many PowerBook 3400 users." He details a way that you can do this conveniently using Location Manager.

d. AppleShare IP 5.0 MacWEEK reports that AppleShare IP 5.0 should be out by next week.

Update: A reader writes: "I have it on pretty good authority that AS IP 5.0 is delayed into August due to an extension glitch." However, other information I have received suggests it will be released Monday as planned. I guess it's just wait-and-see time for now.

e. The Accelerate Your Macintosh! web site covers topics on...accelerating your Macintosh.

f. FWB's Turbo ToolKit has been updated to version 1.0.2.

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