Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

a. Gear Box 1.0 Rockstar's Internet utility, Gear Box, is now out.

b. Adobe on troubleshooting Adobe has a page with some basic troubleshooting advice for dealing with system errors. (Thanks, Paul Amundson.)

c. AppleVision possible fix Michael Zwick reports that an Apple Support statement on Apple's Discussion Boards, recommends plugging the AppleVision monitor directly into a wall outlet - rather than to a multi-plug power strip - as a potential solution for the problem of the monitor not turning on after a restart. However, this is not likely to be the solution for all instances of this problem.

d. Mac OS 8.1 Mac OS 8.0 is not even out yet, but Mac OS Rumors is reporting details of a Mac OS 8.1 (Bride of Buster) update - to be released in the fall. Just bear in mind that these are rumors.

Meanwhile, Mac OS 8.0 is up to final candidate status and looks on track to be released next month.

e. MacSurfer adds new page MacSurfer's Headline News now has an "Other Headlines" page that covers the headlines of numerous additional Mac OS news sites.

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