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Odds & Ends

Internal clock freeze Lee Riggs had a problem where the internal clock of his Mac simply stopped. It did not revert back to some prior time - as happens when a battery fails. It simply stopped at the current time and never changed again - even after a restart. He says he spoke to the makers of Power Key Pro (which he uses) and they told him that they have seen this happen (whether or not you are using Power Key Pro) on "some" models of Mac if you unplug the Mac from its power source (i.e., the wall outlet) after shutting down the Mac.

PowerBook 3400 Enabler fixes Sleep problem? If you have a PowerBook 3400 and update from Mac OS 7.6. to 7.6.1, the PowerBook 3400 Enabler file is deleted. This is as it should be, as I have confirmed with Apple. Still, Steve Kaminsky claimed that returning the Enabler file to his 7.6.1 System Folder fixed the "crash on wake-up from Sleep" problems (such as reported here last week) that he was having.

MPEG card and Mac OS 7.6.1 compatibility Apple has previously claimed that "Apple Video Player will not properly recognize a QuickTime MPEG Card when run under Mac OS 7.6 or Mac OS 7.6.1." However, as noted by Johan Hermans, a new Apple TIL file (#30023) says this is not correct. MPEG cards will work with 7.6.1, but not 7.6.

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