Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

a. Retrospect 4.0 fixes Apex problem We have already mentioned that Retrospect 4.0 is out. However, I neglected to mention that this new version fixes the problem Retrospect 3.0 had with Pinnacle Micro Apex optical drives - as covered here previously.

b. Favorite news site poll The Unofficial Macintosh PR Department is running a contest to determine the Mac community's favorite Mac news related site. It's titled, "Vote For Your Favorite Mac News Site."

c. Connectix VirtualPC I have now worked with Connectix' VirtualPC for several days. While I have not pushed it very hard, I have been impressed so far. It was a snap to install and worked without a hitch. It even recognized CD-ROM discs without any modifications or setting changes required.
By the way, although I am obviously biased, every time I use Windows, I come away with renewed respect for the Mac OS. The virtual desktop metaphor in particular is so much better on the Mac. It's simple things - like the fact that a CD-ROM automatically appears on the desktop as soon as you mount it. And it's the fact that there is no DOS foundation just under the surface.

Update: Beware that (as noted in the ReadMe file for VPC) CrashGuard generates an erroneous crash message when launched and (according to reader Brian Carb) may crash your Mac. Best to disable CrashGuard before using VPC.

d. PowerBook 3400 reaction While I doling out praise today, I should note how pleased I am with my new PowerBook 3400 - despite the several glitches noted here in the past week or two. It has now become my primary machine for connecting to the Internet. It's fast, quite and convenient - with a crisp and clear display.

e. MacFixIt missing yesterday MacFixIt - and several other sites that use the same provider as I do - were down yesterday. According to pair Networks (my provider): "This outage caused all virtual domain IP addresses beginning with 209.68 to be unreachable." The situation should be fixed now.


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