Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

a. SuperBoomerang and Ethernet crashes Mark Luscher claims that system crashes he was getting when transferring large files over an Ethernet connection, via file-sharing, was due to Now Utilities' SuperBoomerang. After much testing and system crashes, he found that disabling the extension eliminated his problem.

b. Speed Disk and Password protection Frank Meijer received the following note from Symantec Tech Support: Norton Utilities' Speed Disk "will refuse to optimize a disk that has password protection because there is the risk that the password protection is dependent on file location. If SD moves files around, the protection could become invalid and keep the drive from being accessible. It is highly recommend that you remove protection from a drive before running Speed Disk."

c. SAM and MOM Mike Paci claims that, if SAM 4.5.1's 'Use QuickScan' option is not checked, Microsoft Office Manager (4.2.1b and 4.2.1c) will not load at start up, reporting "MOM couldn't start due to a memory error." On some machines this is followed by a Type 10 error or a freeze. "This is very reproducible."

d. PopChar and floppy disk mounting According to Ulrich Petschke, an out-of-date version of PopChar was the cause of his Mac's inability to mount floppy disks under Mac OS 7.6.1.

e. Global Village K56 modem: no call sensing Carl Haywood notes that the new Global Village K56 modem does not yet include the call sensing feature (that allows the modem to distinguish voice from fax calls), even though it is advertised as having this feature. This was confirmed by Global Village Technical support. They did not offer specifics as to when a firmware update with this feature would be released (although they implied it would be soon).

f. Avid Cinema file corruption The June 20 Info Alley notes: "In Avid Cinema 1.1 or 1.1.1 (not 1.0), if you save a movie to the hard disk using any of the 'Save movie for...' options and then save it again using the same name and in the same location, the resulting QuickTime movie will be corrupt and appear as gibberish. To avoid this, give the movie a different name or save it in a different location on the hard drive."

g. Rebuild desktop problems and fonts Several readers have now suggested that problems rebuilding the desktop can be caused by corrupted fonts.

h. SAM and segment load errors: Symantec offers another way to fix it According to Howard Gelles, Symantec's web site "support Genie" now lists the details of how to use ResEdit to fix "segement load error" problems associated with the use of SAM. I am not sure why they don't simply post their patch utility (previously mentioned here on MacFixIt).


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