Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Yesterday's items on Apple hardware problems At Apple's request, I typically refrain from posting serial numbers in items such as the ones reported yesterday. However, since the numbers have now been posted elsewhere, I have amended yesterday's reports to include the numbers.

Netscape Communicator Secure Sockets glitch? Chris Macionski claims that Communicator's Secure Sockets Layer 2.0 is not compatible across platforms. NS3.0 and IE3.0 are fine, but NS4.0 for the Mac is not compatible. "I discovered this when trying to place orders on BMG and Valuedge (http://www.valueedge.com)."

Jaz drives and HDT & SCSIProbe Regarding our previous report on this, several readers dispute Iomega's assertion that HDT and SCSIProbe can harm a Jaz drive. They report using them without any problem. At best, these readers suggest problems may occur only if you are using both the Iomega driver and the other software at the same time. Actually, some users advise immediately reformatting the Jaz cartridge with HDT rather than using Iomega's driver; this apparently avoids possible problems attributed to the Iomega driver. For more on Iomega issues, search the Archives here on MacFixIt as well as a special page over at MacInTouch.

OT 1.2 and Mac OS 7 Readers continue to report success with installing Open Transport 1.2 (from Mac OS 8) in Mac OS 7.6.x or even System 7.5.5. If you want to try this, the preferred method is to use the Mac OS 8 Installer to do a Custom Install just of Open Transport.
By the way, one reader even reported success with using the Mac OS 8 Finder in Mac OS 7.6.1.

Norton Utilities 3.5.1 Readers continue to report work-arounds for dealing with possible installation problems. But I have posted enough on this topic for now. I am ready to move on.


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