Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

LaserWriter 8.4.3 posted LaserWriter 8.4.3 [1168Kb] is included as part of Mac OS 8. However, you can now also download it separately for use in Mac OS 7. According to its Read Me file, the major new feature is that it allows QuickDraw GX applications to print in the standard non-GX environment (needed now that GX printing is no longer supported in Mac OS 8).

Compatible 166Mhz card conflict A reader writes: "Apple has confirmed that there is a problem with the new PC Compatible 166Mhz card and the Reply (now Radius) Parallel/Serial Option. It seems the option works find on the earlier card but not on the 166Mhz card as it disables all sound. Apple is working with Radius in resolving the problem."

Update: A source from Apple, while not disputing the problem with the Reply card, writes: "We (Apple) are not working with Radius on this issue. As as a reminder, we are coming out with our own parallel/serial card."

16 bit VIEWpowr 1400/16 bug Matko Zelich writes that the 16 bit VIEWpowr 1400/16 video out card from Newer Technologies caused the PowerBook to crash when a second monitor was connected and he put the PowerBook to sleep and woke it up several times - with applications open. He claims that Newer has confirmed this.


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