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Odds & Ends

Troubleshooting advice: a clarification Previously, based on statistics quoted from a web page, I suggested that basic troubleshooting techniques, such as rebuilding the desktop, might be "greatly over-used." Several readers expressed concern that this might be mis-interpreted to mean that I was advising not to use these techniques. Far from it. First, the quoted statistics (even assuming they are 100% accurate) referred only to problems with system freezes and crashes. There are many other types of problems that can occur. For example, when I have icon-related problems, rebuilding the desktop is the first thing I try. Also, these techniques tend to be low-risk and easy-to-do. So even if their success rate is not high, it is often worth trying them before escalating to other less hassle-free techniques.

Setting up a LAN The Daily Mac has posted a new article that "contains information on how to set-up a LAN using 2 machines, an Ethernet hub, and other things including how to use Surf Doubler to share internet access through both machines with a modem. The article also contains a semi-review of Vicom's Surf Doubler software.

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