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Odds & Ends

PB 3400 vanishing cursor: a follow-up Regarding the previously mentioned TIL file #24348, describing a vanishing cursor after screen dimming on a PowerBook 3400, Jim Joska claims that if you press the power key to bring up the Shut Down dialog box and then click Cancel, the cursor reappears "with no adverse affect on running applications or Finder operations."

MacPlay's Pinball Pro: The Web 1.1 is out It fixes a bug that prevented the previous version from working on a G3 Mac: it kept asking for its CD which was already in the drive (thanks, Dave Tolson). The update is not on their web site as far as I can tell; you will have to contact MacPlay for information.

PDF Plug-in coming According to an Adobe web page, a PDF Plug-in for Adobe PSPrinter 8.5 driver is due out soon (thanks, David Powers).

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