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Odds & Ends

Desktop Printing: Stuck in a Loop at Startup A recent Apple TIL file offers the solution to the following problem: "When I am starting up my Macintosh, right when I get to the desktop, I get an error message that says "The file 'XXX' in the desktop printer (desktop folder) is not a valid print file. Moving to the desktop folder" From there, I click "OK" and then it duplicate the file in question and gives me that same message again. I seem to be stuck in a loop, what can I do?" The problem should not occur in Mac OS 8.1.

Zip/Jaz password security Tim Wright sent me a copy of a posting to an Iomega newsgroup that details how to "crack" the password security of Jaz or Zip disks. I have not tested it, but it sounds like the crack would work.

There's two sides to every story (although one is likely closer to the truth) For those interested, MacNN's Reality page and Kaleidoscope have gotten into a scuffle. Each side presented its version of events. Greg Landweber has a statement on his Kaleidoscope web site. Reality had a statement on its page, but has since removed it and shut down the page. Update: Greg and Reality appear to have reached some sort of reconciliation; Greg has modified the statement on his page.



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