Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

PlayMovie CMM is a Mac OS Contextual Menu plug-in that uses QuickTime to let you play movies directly from the Finder, without having to open any application (and then goes away all by itself). Just control-click on the file, select 'Play Movie' from the Contextual Menu, and watch. Version 1.1.0: adds QuickTime 3.0 adaptations; handles Sound Files, QTVRs, MPEG, AVI, and DV (depending upon your QuickTime version); allows window dragging, zooming, collapsing, and resizing (if enough memory is available).

Newer Technology's X100 G3 boards due in May From Eric Dahlinger of Newer Technology: "The MAXpowr G3 PDS was announced and demonstrated back in January at Macworld Expo. It won a Macworld 'Best of Show' award. The good news is that the MAXpowr G3 7100/8100 products will be shipping into the channel on or before the week of May 4th. Development on the MAXpowr G3 6100 continues; and it should follow two weeks later (barring any unforeseen problems)."

MasterJuggler upgrades on Corel software Steve Wood writes: "Concerning the release of MasterJuggler Pro 2.0.1, the 2.0 updater does not work with the 2.0 version bundled with the Corel Draw Suite. It displays a dialog box saying the version cannot be updated and an update will have to be purchased." This has also been reported on MacInTouch, in regards to WordPerfect 3.5. According to a reader: "AlSoft stated that the version that came with WordPerfect was not a complete version and that the update would not work. With a payment of $9.95 shipping included, I was told, I would get a complete disk of MJP 2.0.1."

G3 All-in-one info Interested in learning more about Apple's Power Macintosh G3 All-in-one? Check out this Apple Developer note (it's a pdf file).


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