Oculus Rift app gives you a full beheading experience

Off with their heads! Watch as human guinea pigs react to a virtual blade slicing off their noggins.

You might laugh your head off as people react to their virtual execution. Der Vollstrecker

Check out the newest killer app for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display: a guillotine simulator.

Created over the course of two days at Denmark's Exile Game Jam, the Disunion app takes an Oculus Rift wearer to the setting of an 18th century execution, complete with masked executioner and curious crowd. While the player awaits his beheading, he can look around at the stage and blade above him.

After the blade drops, the person wearing the Oculus Rift sees the last few seconds of life as his dismembered head rolls into the basket below. To make things feel more real, an onlooker at the demo "karate chopped" the back of the Rift wearers' necks for an extra thrill.

Disunion creators Erkki Trummal, Andre Berlemont, and Morten Brunbjerg provided a full download of Disunion for Rift owners interested in virtually chopping off friends' heads.

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