Obsidian: More than a mouse--it's a statement

Saitek's wireless mouse looks as good as its names

The Obsidian

We're really didn't need--or want--another item about another mouse this week. But as is the case with so many things we see on Shiny Shiny, we just couldn't resist. After all, who could look past something named Obsidian? It sounds like a designer fragrance. ("Obsidian, by Calvin Klein.') Now that's marketing, people.

To be honest, though, this tart could have been named the DC430-ZX (Series 1), and it still would have turned heads. The wireless mouse from Saitek--which really does look as if it's made of obsidian--isn't just a pretty face either, with 1,000 dpi resolution, touch-sensitive scrolling, and its own charging cradle. And for $80, that's a lot cheaper than any accessory you'll find on Rodeo Drive or Oxford Street. Finally, we must close with this appropriate observation from Shiny Shiny: "The 'feeling less cool than your own bloody mouse' bit comes gratis."

(Photo: Saitek)

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