Obama shoots marshmallow in the name of science

A recent science fair at the White House revealed a deliciously dangerous weapon.

This is some serious marshmallow power. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Check out this video of a high-powered marshmallow cannon fired by President Obama and eighth grader Joey Hudy at the White House.

The second White House Science Fair yesterday gave 100 student winners of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competitions from across 45 states the opportunity to show off neat science projects to the president, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and several well-respected educators and leaders from the science and engineering community.

Perhaps the viral star of the expose is 14-year-old Hudy's "Extreme Marshmallow Cannon," a compressed air-powered weapon that can launch the tasty confections more than 170 feet. The president helped Hudy pump the cannon to 30psi, and then shot the marshmallow across the State Dining Room.

Obama also announced several new initiatives regarding education and science, such as an "$80 million investment in the president's upcoming budget to help prepare effective STEM teachers," according to a White House representative. You can learn more about other initiatives, and the fair, at the White House blog.

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