Nyko Wing Classic Controller: Better than the Nintendo original?

The new Nyko Wing Wireless Classic Controller looks to improve on the Nintendo original in almost every way by making it wireless and a lot more comfortable.


At first glance, the new Wing Wireless Classic Controller from Nyko looks like it's everything the original Nintendo Classic Controller should have been. While the Nintendo controller is oddly rounded, the Wing looks much more ergonomically satisfying with its edgier sides and form factor. It's almost as if they combined the Nintendo Classic Controller with a PlayStation DualShock.

Most noteworthy, the Wing will use a wireless dongle system, similar to the Kama Wireless Nunchuk setup where a dongle is attached to the Wii remote. This will eliminate the awkward wired connection that the Nintendo Classic Controller uses, but will also require two AAA batteries to work. However, if you decide to use rechargeable batteries, Nyko has fitted the Wing with a mini USB port that will allow for convenient charging.

Like the original Nintendo Classic Controller, the Nyko Wing will work with all Virtual Console games, select Wii games, and the recently added WiiWare library of games.

The Nyko Wing Wireless Classic Controller will ship sometime in October for $30, about $10 more than the Nintendo original. Check CNET in the coming weeks for a full review. For now, click through for some more photos of the Wing.

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