NYC subway expands wireless service

New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority beefs up wireless network to 36 stations.

Boingo is offering free Wi-Fi in NYC subways stations. Brian Bennett/CNET

In a press conference held today in New York's Times Square subway, the MTA announced that 36 train stations now can access wireless data. This newest update is the latest installment in the organization's project to bring wireless networking to the complete transit system. The actual wireless hardware, however, is supplied by Transit Wireless, a subsidiary of Broadcast Australia.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon brass were on hand at today's MTA event. Brian Bennett/CNET

Partnering with cellular carriers T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, plus Wi-Fi company Boingo, the MTA expects to equip its remaining 241 underground locations within four years. In fact Boingo has combed forces with HTC to provide free Wi-Fi to people who sign onto their network with the sponsored SSID name of FreeWifibyHTCONE. This is surely an effort to pump up awareness of the HTC One smartphone and counter all the PR hype of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 .

Look for this sign at Wi-Fi equipped stations. Brian Bennett/CNET

For a complete list of subway stations where wireless access is currently available, the government agency has created a handy Web site. You can also check out this cheat sheet contained in today's press release.

No. Station Lines
1 23 Street - 8 Ave. CE
2 14 Street - 8 Ave. ACE
3 14 Street - 7 Ave. 123
4 14 Street - 6 Ave. FM
5 14 Street - 8 Ave. L
6 14 Street - 6 Ave. L
7 96 Street BC
8 86 Street BC
9 28 Street 1
10 18 Street 1
11 81 Street-Museum of Natural History BC
12 72 Street BC
13 79 Street 1
14 23 Street 1
15 96 Street 123
16 66 Street-Lincoln Center 1
17 72 Street 123
18 57 Street F
19 47-50 Streets-Rockefeller Center BDFM
20 57 Street-7 Ave. NQR
21 28 Street NR
22 50 Street 1
23 50 Street CE
24 23 Street NR
25 49 Street NR
26 5 Ave.-53 Street EM
27 59 Street-Columbus Circle 1
28 59 St-Columbus Circle ABCD
29 7 Ave. BDE
30 Times Square-42 Street 123
31 Times Square-42 Street NQR
32 Times Square-42 Street 7
33 Times Square-42 Street ACE
34 Times Square-42 Street S
35 5 Ave.-59 Street NR
36 86 Street 1
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