Nvidia's certified Vista driver finalized, SLI support still in beta

Nvidia updates its Vista drivers.

Nvidia's Vista driver is ready, mostly. Nvidia

Good news for everyone but SLI owners. Nvidia just released a Windows Vista-certified 100.65 graphics card driver for its GeForce 8800 cards. You can find the driver on Nvidia's site. That's great for those of you running Vista and a single GeForce 8800 card. For anyone who has an Nvidia SLI mode of any flavor, you're still stuck in beta mode for now. We haven't played with the new driver yet, so we can't say just how beta the SLI support is. Nvidia's driver notes indicate that full SLI support will come in another driver update. This release brings Nvidia in line with AMD for single-card Vista graphics drivers, but neither vendor offers full support for dual graphics card configurations in Windows Vista.

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