Nvidia Tegra: Not just Windows, Android too

Graphics chip supplier had been talking up Tegra as a Windows Mobile chip, but is now saying it's working with Google on Android devices too.

Nvidia is working with Google on Android phones as it veers off from its Windows-Mobile-only strategy.

On Monday, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nvidia announced that it is working with Google and the Open Handset Alliance to get its Tegra processor into Android phones. Tegra is a system-on-a-chip that integrates an ARM applications processor and Nvidia's GeForce graphics silicon, among other functions. The goal is to bring robust PC-like graphics to small devices.

Tegra aims at Android phones
Tegra aims at Android phones Nvidia

"We welcome Nvidia's support of Android on Tegra," Andy Rubin, Google's senior director of mobile platforms, said in a statement.

Since spring of last year, Nvidia has been talking up Tegra as a chip aimed exclusively at Windows Mobile smartphones. Not anymore. "By supporting Android, manufacturers and operators can now easily use a Tegra processor to build mobile phones," Nvidia said in a statement.

Nvidia also said Monday that its Tegra chip will enable a $99, always-on, always-connected mobile internet device (MID) capable of playing back high-definition video and going for "days between battery charges." This would be based on Windows Mobile, according to Nvidia.

The Santa Clara, Calif., company said it has partnered with ST-Ericsson to add 3G communication capability to the Windows platform.

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