Nvidia teases Borderlands 2 on Project Shield

Hungry for some intense handheld gaming goodness? Take a look at the powerful Nvidia Project Shield device flawlessly streaming Borderlands 2 from a PC.

Drool. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Imagine a world where PC gamers don't need to go AFK (away from keyboard) again, a mystical place where you never need to pause or keep your friends waiting in a multiplayer game.

While it may take some time before we truly reach that pauseless place, at least we can enjoy a video from Nvidia that reveals a solid view of its Tegra 4-powered Project Shield streaming a full version of Borderlands 2 from a GeForce GTX 680-equipped PC. The 3-minute-long video shows just how easy the Shield -- equipped with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) -- can access an already-running PC game in mere moments.

You may squeal (or groan) at the sight of the Shield's 5-inch 720p screen displaying the game's gorgeous cel-shaded graphics running at a mesmerizing 60fps.

I say groan because not everyone will find pleasure in playing a high-resolution game on a moderately small screen, or appreciate the requirement of having to own a pricey above-average gaming PC to mimic this setup. On the other side of the coin, keep in mind that the handheld packs a powerful Tegra 4 processor, and should be able to play some pretty amazing games on its own without the need for a wireless chain to a PC. But so far, Nvidia seems adamant on pushing this PC and Shield's second-screen experience.

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