Numark TTi rips vinyl direct to iPod

CNET's Donald Bell reviews Numarks TTi turntable with iPod dock.

Photo of Numark TTi turntable with iPod dock.
Click for a slide show of the Numark TTi turntable. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

Need a quick way to rip your vinyl collection to your iPod? Well, that's exactly what the Numark TTi turntable is designed to do. Just plug in your iPod, get your vinyl spinning, hit a few buttons, and you're making a 16-bit, 44KHz stereo recording directly to your iPod--no computer required.

Before you start pulling your dusty record crates out of storage, you might want to read over my full review of the Numark TTi , where details such as construction quality, software usability, and overall performance are shown for what they are: mediocre.

Still, a turntable with a built-in iPod dock has a certain anachronistic charm that might prove hard to resist for some people. For vinyl purists, however, it is surely a sign of the end of days.

Numark's sucker retail price for the TTi is $450, but you'll find it closer to $250 online.

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