Numark iDJ mixer sheds novelty, goes legit

CNET's Donald Bell offers his review of the Numark iDJ2 iPod DJ mixer.

Photo of the Numark iDJ2 iPod DJ mixer.
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The first Numark iDJ wasn't just half-baked, it was downright unusable for DJing. The thing needed two iPods and lacked basic DJ essentials such as pitch control.

By comparison, the Numark iDJ2 is hands-down one of the best digital DJ products we've tested. With its large color screen, responsive jog wheels, balanced XLR outputs, and support for iPod video playback, the iDJ2 performs like a champ and packs in more than just the basics. Like any sub-$1,000 digital deck, the iDJ2 still won't get you much in terms of DJ cred, but it also won't give you the crippling back spasms afflicting your vinyl-wielding peers.

Read more about the Numark iDJ2 in our full review and be sure to check out our Crave photo gallery.

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