Novell's welcome gift for Red Hat

Novell is plastering banners over Red Hat's Summit, promoting SUSE Linux. All's fair in love and advertising.

The VAR Guy suggested that Novell should greet Red Hat's "invasion" of Boston next week with a little tea party of sorts. Well, I don't know that Novell has any such intentions in mind - it's a peace-loving company, after all - but I can reveal Novell's welcome banner for Red Hat Summit attendees:

All's fair in love and advertising....

As shown, Novell has hung banners and put 7x7 floor decals in the Prudential Center Mall in Boston. The Hynes Convention Center is connected to the Prudential Center Mall, as are the three main "recommended" hotels for Red Hat Summit.

In other words, anyone attending the Red Hat Summit will see a little SUSE advertising on their way to/from the show each day. Nice touch, Novell. :-)

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