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Open source weeps as Microsoft and Novell continue their public display of affection

This month's Novell Linux Newsletter included a link to the Suse Team Blog which lists 40+ customers who "have decided to take advantage of the many benefits that the (MS/Novell) agreement brings to the table." And who knew that there was a whole site dedicated to the lovefest? (Hint: Not me.)

Unfortunately, the site, appears to be down at the moment...probably running IIS :>

It's been a whole year since the ground-breaking Novell-Microsoft Collaboration Agreement was signed and announced. The one-stop shop for official info is here: So far, despite the noise in the press, MANY customers have decided to take advantage of the many benefits that the agreement brings to the table. Here's a list of all 46 of the customers who are allowing us to mention them publicly. They include some of the largest and most recognizable organizations in the world - Wal-Mart, BMW, Costco, HSBC, Nationwide, Siemens and Southwest Airlines just to name a few...

I wonder if anyone has compiled a list of the customers who are not that thrilled with the agreement. I would also be interested in seeing the net new customers.

Link: 1 Year Later, Just the Facts

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