Notebook shipments push PC market growth

Better first-quarter shipments of notebooks cause research firm iSuppli to extend the yearly market forecast for PCs.

Stronger-than-expected notebook shipments in the beginning of the year should push the overall growth of the PC market higher than previously anticipated, according to market research firm iSuppli.

The worldwide PC industry is expected to reach 264 million units in 2007, up 11.2 percent from 239 million units shipped last year, according to iSuppli. The previous estimate was 10.7 percent growth for the year.

The firm, which periodically issues forecasts for a variety of markets, said Monday that shipments of notebook PCs in the first quarter of 2007 were up 23 percent, 3 percent higher than previously anticipated. Many had expected Intel's May introduction of its new Santa Rosa mobile chipset to cause buyers to hold off purchasing notebooks until later this year. So far, it doesn't appear that was the case, and this year notebooks should account for 40 percent of all PCs shipped.

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