Nostalgia Electrics mini fridge for cold drinks on tap

A mini fridge is a convenient appliance for storing cold beverages. A mini fridge with a drink dispenser gets right to the point.

The Nostalgia Electrics Compact Refrigerator with Dispenser keeps cold drinks always within reach.
The Nostalgia Electrics Compact Refrigerator with Dispenser keeps cold drinks always within reach. Nostalgia Electrics

No refrigerator is complete without beverages. Just think how deserted the inside of the fridge looks when that top shelf is empty. So sad. It could be filled up with beer, iced coffee, and iced tea, but instead there is nothing. Nothing but a wilted head of lettuce staring back forlornly. It is not pleasant imagery, but it doesn't have to be reality. Or does it?

The interior of the fridge could be a landscape of desolation and yet still be stocked with your favorite beverage of choice. "What sorcery is this?" the thirsty may ask. Luckily, it's not sorcery; it's the Nostalgia Electrics Compact Refrigerator with Dispenser.

Hiding in plain sight, the refrigerator houses a dispensing unit inside the door. Measuring less than 34 inches tall, the hallmark appliance of garages and dorm rooms everywhere takes diminutive to new heights. Decorated in a sleek, shiny red for a retro appeal, beverages can be accessed directly from the stainless steel dispenser on the outside of the door. Just fill the interior tank and access as needed.

Of course, all the other stuff one might expect out of a mini fridge is present and accounted for: a freezer compartment, refrigerator door storage and an adjustable thermostat. It even has a crisper drawer for those pesky heads of lettuce.

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