Nook Simple Touch users irate that it won't sync their e-books

Customers took to the message boards for over two weeks to find out why the Barnes & Noble device was not syncing. According to the discussion, the e-book seller is aware of the problem.

Sarah Tews/CNET

Barnes & Noble has had "known" connectivity issues with its Nook Simple Touch line for more than two weeks, according to complaints on its customer discussion board.

The customers had trouble syncing their e-book libraries with the new device, an issue that B&N support staff apparently acknowledged individually to customers.

One customer wrote that an online support representative said the issue was server related, but he hoped it would be resolved within 24 to 48 hours. That was two weeks ago.

"My comment to him at the end was -- why are they continuing to sell them if they know there is a problem?" the customer wrote.

The thread continued, with customers exchanging tips and posting as recently as today.

It's not clear if all the issues have been resolved, but we have a message into Barnes & Noble and will update when we get more information.

Update, September 5 at 12:01 p.m. PT:Barnes & Noble said it fixed the problem overnight. Read our story about that, "Barnes & Noble fixes Nook Simple Touch sync issue," here.

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