Nokia unveils 'green' handset design

The world's No.1 cell phone maker is developing a handset, called "Remade," that is made entirely of recycled and renewable materials.

Nokia's Remade uses recycled and renewable materials to lessen its environmental impact. Nokia

BARCELONA, Spain--Nokia is going green.

The No. 1 cell phone maker in the world is showing off a conceptual cell phone design at the GSMA Mobile World Congress that is made of entirely renewable and recycled parts. The phone, called "Remade," was unveiled here during a keynote speech given by Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo on Tuesday.

The phone is being developed in Nokia's labs. And yesterday was the first time the thin, silver handset, had been shown publicly.

Even the electronic components of the phone will be made of recycled and renewable parts. Nokia

The device, which has an outer case made of renewable materials rather than petroleum-based plastic, doesn't yet make phone calls. And Nokia has not determined yet if it will actually manufacture the "Remade." But Kallasvuo said it showed what could be done with such materials and also gave insight into how Nokia thinks about its role in the global environment.

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