Nokia to acquire contact management start-up

Cellity, a tiny German company that makes an address book aggregator, will shut down its service and transfer its team to Nokia.

Nokia has signed an agreement to acquire Cellity, a small German company that creates social-network contact management and address book aggregation services for mobile devices.

Cellity's 14 workers will become Nokia employees. But the service will be shut down and existing user accounts will not be transferred to Nokia.

Cellity, which was founded less than three years ago, is based in Hamburg.

Terms of the deal have not been made public. The acquisition is expected to close in the current quarter.

Acquiring small start-ups is nothing new for Nokia. It acquired Plazes last year while the locator start-up was still in private beta, for example. The mobile conglomerate also has a history of willingness to rebrand. After acquiring a media-sharing site called Twango several years ago, Nokia ditched the start-up's moniker and folded it into a new software division called Ovi.

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