Nokia shakes up Nokia World: 'Less CES, more SXSW'

The mobile company says that it will no longer hold a single, large-scale event each year. Instead, Nokia World will be made up of several smaller events.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop at Nokia World last year.
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop at Nokia World last year. Stephen Shankland/CNET

Nokia World is getting a makeover.

The mobile company announced on its blog today that Nokia World will no longer be "a single, large-scale event." Instead, the company has decided that it might be a better idea to hold several "smaller, more intimate events" designed around topics catering to specific audiences.

"Think less CES, more SXSW," Nokia's Heidi Lemmetyinen wrote in the blog post, comparing her company's events to competing shows.

Nokia World has historically been home to the company's major announcements. Last year, CEO Stephen Elop took to the stage at Nokia World to show off Windows Phone 7-based Lumia handsets .

In recent years, though, as Nokia's market share and appeal to consumers has slipped, the company's event has become less of a must-see. Multiple events spread across the year might make it easier for Nokia to catch more headlines.

The first Nokia World event this year will take place in Helsinki on September 5 and September 6. The event will be invitation-only, and "cater primarily to our operator and retail partners." Nokia plans to announce more events in the coming weeks and months.

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