Nokia Ovi Maps: Hands-on photos

Check out the mapping features that Nokia's handing out like free sweets.

Nokia Ovi Maps
If you want to facilitate stalkers, Ovi Maps has a Facebook feature that lets you update your status with a link to your position, some text, a photo, and a video. Click on the above photo to see more features. Crave UK

Nokia Ovi Maps has been set free--free as in beer, free as a bird. Not only that, it's now better than the current paid-for version, with free Lonely Planet and Michelin guides.

We got our hands on Ovi Maps, which is available as of Thursday on 10 handsets--so if you've got a recent E-series or touch-screen Nokia, you can go to Nokia's Web site and download it right now. The exception is the Nokia N97--only its littler twin, the Nokia N97 mini , is supported, but Nokia tells us N97 users should get theirs next week.

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