Nokia nostalgia, OnePlus One and Star Wars VII in CNET UK podcast 387

We take you back to a time of monochrome screens, indestructible mobiles and never-ending battery life. Plus the week's hottest news, and your feedback.

The Nokia name appears to be leaving the world of smartphones for good, as Stephen Elop says the famous brand will soon be ditched, at least in reference to smartphones. Moved almost to salty tears by the news, the scurvy crew of the CNET UK Podcast this week share their fond Nokia memories -- were phones just better in the era of fascias and T9 predictive text?

Plus, we rattle through the week's most fascinating tech news, from Samsung's latest weird phone-camera... thing, the promise of a new, cheap Motorola phone and some intriguing info on the OnePlus One. We also chat about the recently-unveiled cast of "Star Wars: Episode VII".

Nokia nostalgia, OnePlus One and Star Wars VII in CNET UK podcast 387

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After that, we hear from you -- that's right, you -- in our feedback section. Keep telling us what you think of the show and the rest of the week's technology news in the comments below.

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