Nokia Maps wheels and deals with Groupon Now

Nokia updates its maps app for Nokia Lumia Windows phones with specialized Groupon integration.

Groupon, Nokia Maps

Roughly six months ago, Nokia announced a partnership with Groupon that would incorporate deals into its Nokia Maps apps for Nokia Lumia phones. Today, Nokia released a new version of Nokia Maps (2.5) that surfaces Groupon Now deals.

Groupon Now is the segment of Groupon's collective couponing company that advertises local, extremely limited-time offers. The integration with Nokia Maps uses GPS coordinates to surface nearby Groupon Now deals and help navigate you to them via car, foot, or public transport, in a single app. Nokia says you can also redeem the coupons using Nokia Maps.

In addition to Groupon Now, the updated maps app also lets you sync routes between your Lumia phone and Nokia's online maps, and share routes with friends on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You'll also be able to scan "top" 25 businesses nearby with a tap.

Nokia warns that it could take one or two days for the Nokia Maps update to appear in the Windows Phone Marketplace in some countries, so be patient.

Groupon Now deal on Nokia Maps
Groupon Now deals now show up in Nokia Maps 2.5. Nokia
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