Nokia Lumia 900 available for preorder

At long last, the highly anticipated Windows Phone from AT&T is coming and is available for preorder.

Nokia's Lumia 900 Bonnie Cha/CNET

With its eminently approaching April 8 release date , the Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T is available for preorder today.

The carrier is investing a lot in this handset, which costs $100. In an interview with CNET , Jeff Bradley, AT&T's device head, called the Lumia 900 the company's "hero phone."

In addition to that, he noted that its launch would be a "notch above anything we've ever done," including the iPhone's launch.

But the one in need of a hero, perhaps, is none other than Nokia itself.

CNET's Roger Cheng recently wrote that the manufacture's future, "and possibly that of Windows Phone and Microsoft's ability to remain relevant in the mobile world, rests largely on how successful the Lumia 900 performs."

With all the intangible hype that is surrounding this phone, it'll be interesting to see how many preorder sales the Lumia 900 will snag. By April 8, it'll be easier to tell whether this phone is going to be a hit or miss for both Nokia and Microsoft.

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