Nokia Lumia 610 review: U.K.'s cheapest Windows Phone

CNET UK reviews the Nokia Lumia 610, calling it an attractive phone with smooth performance, but a few cut corners.

Nokia Lumia 610

We can't get the Nokia Lumia 610 on our shores, but our CNET brethren across the pond has plenty to say on the handset we first saw at Mobile World Congress in February.

Compact and tautly aimed at a youthful market, the multi-hued Lumia 610 is Europe's least expensive Windows Phone yet, and as such, is a welcome addition to the budget smartphone market.

Sure, there are some weaker points with the handset as part of the cost trade-off. The biggest drawback is the 800MHz single-core processor and just 256MB of RAM. The nearly halved memory means not all apps work well, or even at all.

Still, there's plenty for the right customer to like. You can read up on all the pros and cons in CNET UK's full Nokia Lumia 610 review.

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